Development tools

The software system development has followed the same rapid development of computers. The development of software has become complicated, and as a result the development of a stable and rational methodology is required to produce accurate and complete computer solutions. In the frames of this methodology, a sphere of development is defined, during which the operations for the software development are made methodically and with a fixed logical turn.

This sphere produces, not only the final product, but also a series of documents that describe in detail the work that has to be done and also the logical steps and specifications for this work. In the sphere of development a strict classification is defined and held by all.


The development sphere consists of seven stages:

  • Requirements’ Analysis Phase
  • Software Design Phase
  • Software Development Phase
  • General System Test Phase
  • Phase of Acceptance of the Product
  • Phase of Transition to the New Product
  • Phase of Operation and Support of the Software


During the project implementation it is likely that problems such as revisions and changes turn up, both to the original requirements of the customer and to the software development. It is possible to make more changes during the product development. In any case, a strict process is kept for inspection and approval of amendments.


Programming skills and tools:

Filemaker pro